Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions

EPIC Rap Battles of History (ERB) is a seven-time Streamy Award winning YouTube series created by Peter Shukoff (Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (EpicLLOYD).

Since September 2010 ERB has pitted historical figures and or fictional characters against each other in highly detailed and extensively researched rap battles.

At the end of each battle – of which there are 45 (as of the end of season three)- the announcer always asks: “Who won? Who’s next? You decide!” and a screenshot(s) of the suggestion for that video’s battle shown.

So, I’ve decided to put my suggestions and those from people I also know are fans of ERB here:

ERB’s YouTube channel reached 10 million subscribers on 18th June 2014, and the main channel now has 11.02m subs – more than the population of Rwanda or Greece. It’s the 20th most subscribed to channel on YouTube (12th considering eight of the channels above it on the list have no videos, and please also consider that mainstream artists like Rihanna, One Direction, Katy Perry and Eminem’s VEVO channels are above ERB too).

The battles themselves have a combined view count of over 2bn c. 9th-13th October 2014.

Guest and cameo appearances from fellow high-profile YouTubers are not uncommon in ERB, but Snoop Dogg as Moses in Moses vs. Santa Claus and Weird Al Yankovic as Sir Isaac Newton in Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye are the highest profile cameos by far.

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in July 2013, meaning it had sold 500,000 copies. Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler and Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking were also certified Gold in October and November 2013 respectively.

A list of ERB’s awards and nominations can be seen here.

The fourth series starts on 10th November.

About Alex Crouch 92

I'm a lifelong Formula One fan who also enjoys classic rock/heavy metal music.
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