Micronations World Cup announced

THIS was a 2014 April Fool.

A micronation’s only football tournament will be held this summer to coincide with the one for larger nations in Brazil.

Seven micronations have so far signed up for the tournament in early June:

  • Principality of Hutt River – A farming area of Western Australia that declared independence from the Commonwealth.
  • Republic of Kugelmugel – The ball-shaped house of artist Edwin Lipburger in Vienna, Austria.
  • Royal Republic of Ladonia – Swedish artist Lars Vilks declared the southern Swedish enclave independent to save his sculptures.
  • Republic of Molossia – Founder Kevin Baugh describes the state that is his Nevada home as: “a hobby that has been pushed to the nth degree.”
  • Principality of Seborga – A town in Liguria, Italy, which claims never to have been part of modern Italy.
  • Principality of Sealand – Perhaps the most famous micronation located off the coast of Suffolk, England. Formerly Maunsell Sea Fort and a pirate radio station.
  • Principality of Wy – Created in 2004 by Australian artist Paul Delprat because his local council, Mosman in Sydney, wouldn’t allow him to build a driveway leading up to his property.

Negotiations are continuing regarding the participation of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands – located on a group is islets in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia – and the Kingdom of Lovely – created by comic writer Danny Wallace as part of the 2005 BBC series How To Start Your Own Country.

Rumours also persist about the possible entry of non-micronations such as the Vatican City, Monaco and a team representing Prussia, the former nation.

Owning to the extremely low population and area of some of these micronations, armature teams from Australia, Austria and Sweden will represent sides from their ‘country’.

Seborga will be represented by a team of Seborgans while Sealand’s own national side will represent the Sealandic population.

Though no host has been announced, it is speculated that AS Monaco’s Stade Louis II will host all the matches, further fuelling the rumours of Monaco’s inclusion.

Tickets will be made available soon. You’d be a fool to miss out.

Tickets will be made available soon. You’d be a fool to miss out.


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