2014 PDC World Cup of Darts draw

THE fourth PDC World Cup of Darts is to be expanded to 32 teams for this year’s event, which will again be held in the Sporthalle, Hamburg, over 6-8 June.

Norway, France, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and India will make their tournament debuts.

England has won the last two editions, while Netherlands won the first World Cup in 2010.

The prize pot is £200,000.

Round One draw:

  • England (1) vs. Thailand.
  • America (16) vs. Hungary.
  • Ireland (8) vs. Singapore.
  • Germany (9) vs. South Africa.
  • Wales (5) vs. France.
  • Finland (12) vs. Poland.
  • Australia (4) vs. Denmark.
  • Hong Kong (13) vs. Norway.
  • Netherlands (2) vs. Italy.
  • Spain (15) vs. New Zealand.
  • Belgium (7) vs. India.
  • Austria (10) vs. China.
  • Northern Ireland (6) vs. Malaysia.
  • Canada (11) vs. Japan.
  • Scotland (3) vs. Russia.
  • Sweden (14) vs. Gibraltar.

The full list of players can be found here: http://www.pdc.tv/news/article/1veg60mtnd3qj194d1llg8u229/title/bwin-world-cup-of-darts-teams-unveiled


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