Toro Rosso sign Max Verstappen for F1 2015

MAX VERSTAPPEN will line-up in his Toro Rosso on the starting grid of next season’s Australian Grand Prix aged just 17 years, 166 days*.

Max is just 16-years-old. (

Max is just 16-years-old. (

In doing so, he will shatter the record of youngest ever Formula 1 driver, which is currently held by former Toro Rosso driver Jamie Alguersuari, who was 19 years, 125 days old when he made his debut at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Verstappen, son of former F1 driver Jos, will be the ninth teenager to compete in Formula 1, as well as the 16th Dutchman.


The 17-year-old’s team-mate will be Toro Rosso’s 20-year-old Russian driver, Daniil Kvyat. Jean-Éric Vergne, 24, is the driver being replaced.

F1’s Teenage Drivers



Age Race


Max Verstappen (NED)

Toro Rosso

17 years, 166 days*

Australia 2015

Becomes youngest ever F1 driver

Jamie Alguersuari (ESP)

Toro Rosso

19 years, 125 days

Hungary 2009

Finished 15th.

Mike Thackwell (NZL)


19 years, 182 days

Canada 1980

Retied – car commandeered by Jean-Pierre Jabouille after first corner pile-up.

Richardo Rodriguez (MEX)


19 years, 208 days

Italy 1961

Retired – Fuel system

Fernando Alonso (ESP)


19 years, 218 days

Australia 2001

Finished 12th.

Esteban Tuero (ARG)


19 years, 320 days

Australia 1998

Retired – Engine

Chris Amon (NZL)


19 years, 324 days

Belgium 1963

Retired – oil leak

Daniil Kvyat (RUS)

Toro Rosso

19 years, 324 days

Australia 2014

Finished 9th – became youngest points-scorer.

Sebastian Vettel (GER)

BMW Sauber

19 years, 349 days

U.S. 2007

Finished 8th – became first teenager to score a point. Covered for injured Robert Kubica.

Verstappen, who is currently second in the Formula 3 championship, will have plenty of time to break (and possibly put out of reach) other F1 records such as:






Sebastian Vettel (GER)

21 years, 73 days

Italy 2008


Sebastian Vettel (GER)

21 years, 72 days

Italy 2008

Fastest lap setter

Nico Rosberg (GER)

20 years, 258 days

Bahrain 2006

Podium finisher

Sebastian Vettel (GER)

21 years, 73 days

Italy 2008

Points scorer

Daniil Kvyat (RUS)

19 years, 324 days

Australia 2014

Race leader

Sebastian Vettel (GER)

20 years, 89 days

Japan 2007

Hat-trick (Pole, win, fastest lap)

Sebastian Vettel (GER)

21 years, 353 days

England 2009

Grand Slam (Pole, win, fastest lap, led every lap)

Sebastian Vettel (GER)

24 years, 119 days

India 2011

World Champion

Sebastian Vettel (GER)

23 years, 134 days


I am willing to give young Max a chance. Somebody obviously thinks he’s good enough and Formula 1 racing is in his genes. I just hope that if his career doesn’t get going immediately that he will be written off and his career over before he’s even reached 20.

Max*Assuming the race is on Sunday 15th March 2015.

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