Surviving drivers from early F1 seasons

ROBERT MANZON was the last living participant of the first Formula One season in 1950. The Frenchman passed away on 19th January 2015, aged 97.

Below is a list of drivers who drove at some point during the 1951, 1952 and 1953 F1 seasons.



  • Sir Stirling Moss (born 1929). Competed in the Switzerland from H.W. Motors, in Belgium, England and Netherlands for E.R.A. and Italy for Connaught. He failed to finish any race.
  • Kenneth McAlpine (born 1920). Drove for Connaught in England and Italy. He finished 16th in England and retired in Italy.
  • Eric Thompson (born 1919). Finished fifth, scoring two points, in his only F1 race, England, driving for Connaught.


  • John Barber (born 1929). Raced for Cooper in the opening round in Argentina. Finished eighth in his only Grand Prix.
  • Sir Stirling Moss (born 1929). Finished ninth in Netherlands for Connaught, raced for Cooper in France (retired), West Germany (sixth) and Italy (13th).
  • Kenneth McAlpine (born 1920). Stayed with Connaught. Raced in Netherlands (retired), England (retired), West Germany (13th) and Italy (not classified).
  • Ian Stewart (born 1929). Only F1 race was in England for Ecurie Ecosse. He retired.
  • Hans Herrmann (born 1928). Finished ninth in West Germany driving a Veritas.

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