My Top 10 Ayrton Senna Moments


I’VE written about Ayrton Senna many times during my life, and despite the fact I have no primary recollection of his life I feel he has always been a part of mine.

When I got into Formula One aged 3.5 I must have picked up something about this driver who wasn’t there anymore. I saw his picture in a magazine once and asked my mum if that was the driver the doctors couldn’t make better. Video tapes and anecdotes from my dad soon followed and the legend was passed on to the next generation.

But that was almost two decades ago. I’ve seen the Schumacher-Ferrari era come and go which saw the student surpass the master in the record books. Today the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and possibly a few more in the years to come may push Senna’s entry further and further down the page.

So when it’s eventually time for me to read to the next generation from the Book of Senna, where shall I start?

My own personal (chronological) top 10 Ayrton Senna moments may be a good place.

  • 1984 Monaco Grand PrixThe arrival of Ayrton Senna

  • 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix – A driver ahead of his car

  • 1986 Spanish Grand PrixAlways know where the finish line is

  • 1988 Monaco Grand Prix (Qualifying) – The Twilight Zone

  • 1988 Japanese Grand PrixSenna’s day of days

  • 1991 Brazilian Grand PrixThe miracle in sixth gear

  • 1992 Monaco Grand PrixYou shall not pass

  • 1992 Belgian Grand Prix (Qualifying) – Saving Eric Comas

  • 1993 European Grand PrixThe greatest opening lap

  • 1993 Australian Grand Prix (Podium) – Friends at last


  • Bonus moment: 1991 German Grand Prix (Driver’s Briefing) – The voice


About Alex Crouch 92

I'm a lifelong Formula One fan who also enjoys classic rock/heavy metal music.
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