Carbide wins in Robot Wars return

CARBIDE won the first heat of the brand new series of Robot Wars.

Carbide - winner of the first heat of Robot Wars 2016.

Carbide – winner of the first heat of Robot Wars 2016.

The Derbyshire robot overcame mechanical problems early on in the heat to defeat veteran machine Behemoth in the heat final to book its place in the series Grand Final.

Carbide’s devastating spinning blade weaponry is reminiscent to that of Hypno-Disc’s and could well win it the series title in a few weeks time to join the ranks of the Robot Wars greats.

But perhaps the greatest competitor of them all, Razer, shocked everyone by being dragged into the pit by Kill-E-Crank-E in the opening battle. Ironically the winner of the Fifth Wars and double World and All-Star Champion was eliminated by and along with the successor to Pussycat, a robot that built its reputation on defeating Razer in the Fourth Wars.

Kill-E-Crank-E (nearest) pulls Razer into the pit with it.

Kill-E-Crank-E (nearest) pulls Razer into the pit with it.

Razer’s and Kill-E-Crank-E’s elimination meant Terrorhurtz (fourth in the Sixth Wars) and the immediately popular Nuts advanced to the next phase. There they were joined by the aforementioned Carbide and former World Championship runner-up Behemoth, who between them saw off Bonk (the successor to Mute) and The General, the latter losing its wheel to Carbide’s spinning blade.

Despite its axe not working, Terrorhurtz was able to defeat Carbide (which itself needed a weapon transmission re-build prior to the contest) in the first bout of the head-to-heads by pushing it around the arena, onto the flame pit and into Sir Killalot despite taking damage itself. Terrorhurtz pitted Carbide and earned three points for a knock-out win.

Behemoth vs. Nuts went to a judge’s decision after neither could immobilise the other, though both took damage from Matilda’s flywheel. Behemoth was awarded the victory and two points.

The third head-to-head fight saw Behemoth take on Terrorhurtz in a veterans battle. Behemoth took full advantage of Terrorhurtz’s axe still not working and eventually flipped it over and pushed its opponent into Dead Metal who proceeded use its giant circular saw to damage one of Terrorhurtz’s gas bottles.

Robot Wars fans finally got a glimpse of what Carbide could do when it fought – no – destroyed Nuts. Any doubts Carbide’s team had about its weapon’s operational abilities were laid to rest as Carbide tore off Nuts’ flail ring, left nasty gashes in its main body, sent bits of buckled metal flying everywhere and finally removed an entire wheel with enough force that it flew out of the arena.

Nuts is cracked by Carbide.

Nuts is cracked by Carbide.

Carbide went straight back into the arena, this time against Behemoth. The latter tried to employ the tactic that saw it beat Hypno-Disc in the first All-Stars competition, which was to hit the blade of Carbide head-on with its bucket scoop. But after one too many hits the bucket separated from its hinges, leaving the machine weaponless and defenceless. Carbide pushed its rival into the pit to guarantee its place in the heat final.

In order to reach said heat final Terrorhurtz needed to knock-out a hastily rebuilt Nuts. Terrorhurtz’s axe was working once again and used it to attack Nuts right from the off. But Nuts wouldn’t give in and continued moving, even after it once again lost its flail which got stuck under Terrorhurtz. Nuts avoided the pit and withstood an attack by Shunt and survived the three minute contest which Terrorhurtz won on a judge’s decision. But those two points weren’t enough.

With the head-to-head league completed Carbide had six points, Behemoth and Terrorhurtz had five points each and Nuts had none. Behemoth advanced thanks to its win over Terrorhurtz.

The heat final between Behemoth and Carbide initially went the same way as their mini-league fight. Carbide was doing all the damage and Behemoth was trying to absorb it. But Behemoth seemed to become immobilised near the open pit. Rather than take any more punishment from Carbide, Behemoth reversed into the pit à la Chaos 2 in the First World Championship.

Behemoth (right) backs into the pit, surrendering to Carbide.

Behemoth (right) backs into the pit, surrendering to Carbide.

Carbide will be joined in the Grand Final by four more heat winners and a wildcard chosen by the judges.


  • For the first-time ever two former Grand Finalists (Razer and Terrorhurtz) met in the opening round.
  • Razer’s first round exit is the earliest a Series Champion has gone out.
  • The General competed in the Third Wars’ Robotic Soccer competition.

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