Pulsar books Robot Wars Grand Final place

PULSAR advanced to the Robot Wars 2016 Grand Final after being reinstated to the fifth and final heat.

Pulsar - winner of the fifth heat of Robot Wars 2016.

Pulsar – winner of the fifth heat of Robot Wars 2016.

The Shropshire-built machine was eliminated in its group battle along with veteran Thermidor 2 (Chompalot – Iron Maidens Champion and Ironside3 won), but was given a reprieve by the judges when Chompalot spectacularly burst into flames after its defeat to Gabriel in the first head-to-head.

Chompalot begins to smoke...

Chompalot begins to smoke…

...before bursting into flames.

…before bursting into flames.

Gabriel, an amazing robot akin to a scaled-up Stinger, advanced from its group battle with Beast at the expense of Crazy Coupe 88 and Infernal Contraption.

After Gabriel vs. Chompalot it was clear that the latter was unable to continue, so Pulsar was allowed to re-enter the heat, but with Chompalot’s loss on its record. Pulsar earned a knock-out victory over Beast and Ironside3 to book its place in the heat final.

Pulsar would meet Gabriel for the first time in the heat final after Gabriel first lost on a judges’ decision to Ironside3, then beat Beast via knock-out.

Ironside3 knock-out Beast in their head-to-head, but missed out on the heat final by one point.

Pulsar (Foreground) pushes Gabriel in the heat final.

Pulsar (Foreground) pushes Gabriel in the heat final.

The heat final was the closest of the series as it went all the way to a judges’ decision which was awarded to Pulsar, who will now join fellow heat winners: Carbide, Shockwave, TR2 and Apollo in the Grand Final tomorrow.

The sixth place in the Grand Final will be awarded by the judges to one of the five heat runners-up: Behemoth, Thor, Dantomkia, Storm 2 and Gabriel.

My opinion: The wildcard should be decided by a winner-takes-all group battle between the five robots in question.

All images taken from robotwars.wikia.com.

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