About Me

Hello, I’m Alex Crouch.

I’m 23-years-old, was born and still live in Kent, England, and have an Upper 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in journalism from Southampton Solent University.

In January 2015 I became a freelance writer for the Flag Institute.

I have followed Formula 1 since I was 31/2. My first Grand Prix was Australia 1996, so my first F1 memory was of Martin Brundle almost being killed. I thought he had at first, but then I saw him get out of his wrecked car and soon after, running down the pit-lane to get a new one.

My party piece at junior school was being able to name all of the F1 world champions, their nationality and what team they were racing for at the time. I can also name every summer Olympic city and the score in each football World Cup Final.

I have, and will always, support McLaren regardless of their driver line-up, because McLaren was Ayrton Senna’s main team. He is my all-time hero, and not just because of his exploits behind the wheel of a racing car.

I am also rather keen on darts and play whenever I can. My highest checkout is 109, but I’m yet to hit a 180. My favourite player is Raymond van Barneveld.

I’m an all-round armchair sportsman and football is next on my list.

I love all forms of international football as well as Liverpool F.C. who are like the McLaren of the Premier League, a powerhouse in the 1980s who lost their way slightly, but can still be wonderful to watch and support.

Being a man of Kent I also follow the fortunes of the county cricket club.

Stateside I wish the San Francisco 49ers, Vancouver Canucks, Atlanta Hawks and Boston Red Sox good fortune.

My favourite individual sportsman is Usain Bolt. He revived my interest in athletics after I lost faith in it after Justin Gatlin’s ban.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games (both Summer and Winter) hold a special place in my heart too. My first Games were the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games, and Athens 2004 was my first Summer Games. I’d studied Ancient Greece in Year 5 and the Olympics was the only part I found interesting, so I couldn’t wait to see them return to Athens.

I was always positive about London’s 2012 bid, and can still remember running around my secondary school screaming to everybody that London had been awarded the Games at the top of my little voice. I signed up to be a Games Maker, and many early morning trips up to London paid off when I was chosen to be part of the Transport Team at the Paralympics. I can honestly say, it was the best time of my life.

But I’m not just an armchair sportsman, I have a rather stunning array of sporting achievements to my name…if you read between the lines.


What happened

What actually happened


Capped twice for England schoolboys

When I was in Year 10 a school from Marseille visited my school, and at break and lunch we played football in the playground. England won 7-6 on aggregate.


Scored 120 in an innings

True, but playing with friends on Balfour Field over three days in August 2007.


9-Dart Finish

Instead of hitting T20 seven-times followed by T19 and D12, I hit single 20 seven-times, then single 19 and single 12. (Jan ’13).


147 Break

When I was young I played snooker on the carpet with marbles. A pot was successful when I hit a marble off the carpet and in August 2002 I potted 15 reds, 15 blacks and all the colours.

Away from sport I’m a fan of classic rock and am a somewhat ‘plastic’ heavy metal fan. I like the songs but don’t subscribe to the culture if that makes sense.

I have three all-time favourite bands, one from the past and two that will hopefully be around for many years to come. They are Pink Floyd, Sabaton and Rammstein. All are able to connect with me musically and lyrically in a way which I find hard to explain.

I also follow the Eurovision Song Contest with great interest each year.

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